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The babies that live in the Sueños y Esperanzas home sleep in new and safe cradles, donated by Necahual Foundation, thanks to your support.

In Necahual Mexico, a summer course was held in which children participated in different activities to develop their physical and mental abilities.
Thanks to your support, more children have the opportunity to enjoy more of their childhood!

Board members took a tour of what will be the new facilities of Sueños y Esperanzas, which are more spacious and functional. This construction is being built thanks to your support, contributed through the Necahual Foundation.

Later they visited the children, sharing and giving them small gifts.

Necahual collaborated in the commemoration of the Independence of Mexico, with the traditional “Grito” in Melrose Park.

With this event, family unity is promoted and traditions are preserved. Thanks for your support!

This month, more than 80 children from Villas Miravalle received clothing and footwear of their choice from Necahual Foundation.

Thanks to your support, they were able to get new clothes in the style they wanted, which many of them had never had the opportunity to do.

During the month of AUGUST, Necahual delivered 340 allowances and celebrated the birthday of 8 children in Villas Miravalle.

Thanks to your support, more than 88 children and young people have the opportunity to feel like they have family and enjoy special moments in the company of all their friends.


In Necahual Mexico, a summer course was held in which children participated in different activities to develop their physical and mental abilities.

Thanks to your support, more children have the opportunity to enjoy more of their childhood!

In Necahual Mexico, an event was held in celebration of Children’s Day and Mother’s Day (May 2017), with various and fun activities, where the mothers prepared and shared their delicious stews and the children had fun breaking piñatas and playing.

Thanks to your support there are events like this, where 35 children strengthened their family ties and developed their social skills.

During the month of March of 2017, Necahual delivered 324 allowances and had 13 birthday celebrations for children in Villas Miravalle.

Thanks to your support, each month, more than 80 children and adolescents are given gestures of affection that positively impact and contribute to their development.

On January 17th 2017, Necahual Foundation gave a $100,000 pesos donation to the Sueños y Esperanzas organization to support the construction of their new facilities, which will house and give care to over 100 children, aged 2 months to 8 years old.

Over the last few years, thanks to your contribution, Necahual has supported them with various donations, such as a van for transportation, cribs, industrial washer and dryer, and clothes, among many other things. Thank you!

In Necahual México (April 2017), with the support of Collective 1.618, a workshop was held to create mosaic figures. Thanks to your support, more than 40 children and teenagers learned and had fun while advancing in their development and strengthening bonds in their community.

Thanks to the support of our donors, in just the first few months of the year (January – March 2017), we have already delivered about 700 total allowances to the children of Villas Miravalle, as well as celebrated children on their birthdays.

Friends of the Necahual Foundation, along with NCAA basketball players, visited the children and youth in Villas Miravalle (March 2017), where they played and lived with Jelani Johnson, Stephen Asihene, and William Leach.

We appreciate the coordination of David Suárez for this enriching visit, as well as the enthusiasm and commitment of all the friends of Necahual who, like you, help us continue our work toward a better future for children.

March, 2017

In Necahual Mexico, we are providing assistance throughout more than 20 communities in the State of Jalisco to those affected by family or domestic violence. Thank you very much for your support!

February, 2017

With community workshops, more than 50 children learn to develop their skills and strengthen their family ties. Thank you very much for your support!

January, 2017

With your support, 100 children in vulnerable situations receive specialized psychological attention each week. Thank you very much for your support!

600 children participate in the Melrose Proviso Soccer League. Necahual Foundation supports this activity which develops physical and social skills. Thank you very much for your support!

3×1 Project

One of our biggest accomplishments is the 3×1 Project. We were able to give the children secure transportation, educational instructors, and built a brand new swimming pool. We have also opened integration houses for residents transferring from the shelter to their own housing, after they turn 18. They go to school, and/or work, and we help pay for transportation.

We also are running an after-school program in the Melrose Park area for children to play soccer.

Along with funding our major projects, the money donated to Necahual has been used for the following, for each child:

Weekly Allowance for each child

Birthday Surprises

  • Birthday Cards (handwritten by Mica Suarez)
  • Monetary Gifts
  • Birthday celebration in villas with their friends
  • Birthday celebration all together in main dining room
Gym shoes twice a year
New Clothes twice a year
Field Trips
Sports & Equipment


  • Soccer uniforms
  • socks
  • shin guards
  • shoes
  • Balls
  • goalie nets
  • soccer turf for field at Miravalle

Swimming Classes

  • for Angel Pablo Marquez Saavedra at CODE Jalisco

Athletics  (Track)

  • Edgar Rafael Murrieta Palacios at CODE Jalisco

Tae Kwon Do

  • Tournament fees
  • Uniforms
  • Sandals & belts


  • basketball net/hoop
  • basketballs
  • Racquets

Tether Ball

  • Tether ball poles and balls

Recognition for kids 

  • Medals and awards

Physical education 

  • Balls for volleyball

Material for workshops

  • Painting
  • Paint brushes
  • water colors
  • paints
  • cloths
  • oils

Baking supplies 

  • Baking trays


  • Embroidery
  • Sewing

Kitchen supplies

  • Aprons
  • gloves
  • hats
  • mouth covers
  • storage bins


  • Intro to colors & painting
  • Dome for Villas Miravalle model made by kids


Music Therapy

  • C.D. players

Spiritual Retreat

  • Convent fees

Workshop Instructors

  • Cooking Workshop
  • Baking Workshop
  • Plaster Workshop
  • Painting Workshop


  • Christian Lemus, Business Management at Technical University of Jalisco, and English classes.
  • Marco Antonio Lemus, Prep School Jose Maria Morelos
  • Lorena Marquez, English classes at Institute of Mexico Americano

Extra Support

  • Lunch with kids when foundation visits
  • Candy & toy bags for the kids
  • Christmas Dinner for the kids
  • Donation to Annual Quinceanera expenses
  • (cake, food, soft drinks & gifts for those celebrating)


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