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3×1 Project Completed!

Transportation, Educational Instructors & Swimming Pool for Casa Hoger Villas Miravalle

With great pleasure we share with you a brief review of the event that we completed at Villas Miravalle. The purpose was to finish the project called: Improvement of the Casa Hogar Villas Miravalle.  Thanks to the collaboration by the state of Jalisco, DIF Guadalajara & Necahual Foundation.

This project began in 2008 and it involved reforming the educational regularization because it was getting behind, and the children were getting older and did not have a scholastic education. At the same time we saw the importance of having a vehicle in good condition that could guarantee the secure transportation for the youths and also, the construction of a swimming pool at shelter Villas Miravalle.

Reformed the educational environment for the children, adding tutors and computer labs for them to use.

The project was outlined into a document, and brought to the attention of Sergio Suárez, who was excited with the idea of supporting it through the Necahual Foundation. It was predicted that we would encounter big challenges, but finally we looked for options with the Secretary of Human Development, so that the project could be developed directly with DIF Guadalajara.

It was necessary to make changes at the state level to adjust to the program guidelines. The State of Jalisco Governor, Emilio González Márquez, signed the document that complied with the “3 x 1 Program” (at that moment the program only covered infrastructure projects). The program was changed so it could work with Assistance Projects such as the DIF and that was how we were able to include those types of projects. All this was done during 2009.

After all of these changes were made everything else just fell in place.  The educational regularization and the purchase of the minivan had already been completed using the contribution of the city of Guadalajara.  And the construction of the swimming pool was finally started and the final steps were recently completed.

We are proud and happy to share with you the timeline through photographs that show “a fulfilled dream for all.”

We thank Mr. Emilio González Márquez, State of Jalisco Governor for the enormous and critical collaboration and all of the Benefactors of Necahual Foundation