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My Experience at Necahual

My Experience at Necahual


Thanks to Sergio and Mary, founders of the Necahual Foundation, I have lived unforgettable moments with the children at the shelter. I have seen firsthand all the achievements and growth throughout the years as well as the well-being of the adolescents and children that reside at the shelter. I am captivated when I see and feel the hope the children have with the Necahual Foundation.

At my last visit, the children were happy we were there and showed me the clothes th they had bought; they told me they were going to celebrate their Quinceañeras in October, how they were learning English and showed me the crafts they had made in their workshops! It’s those moments where you want time to stop and be able to share more time with the children, but time moves on and what we can do is support the Foundation so the children will not lose hope and be able to go on in life. Thank you for letting me be part of their lives.

– Tere Favela