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At the Necahual Foundation, we focus on three important areas: Attention, Prevention, and Integration. We attend to current problems, have programs in place to educate, and prevent future issues, and provide self-sufficiency tools, and events to integrate children into society, and continue learning about their culture.

In Miravalle, we focus on attention – attending to problems occurring today. We provide shelter, a stable, safe environment for the children, and standard necessities for children. We also provide tools for self-sufficiency, so that the children can be successful, responsible adults.

In Guadalajara, we have programs in place to educate the children. We want to prevent them from being in an unsafe environment. We have courses to prevent domestic violence, along with programs after school, and activities and special events throughout the year, to keep children involved in healthy environments.

Our third focus is on integrating the children with their society. We hold events for them to learn about their roots, interact with other children, and enjoy their childhood. These events include posadas, or Christmas celebrations, and Independence Day Celebrations. To view photos from these events, please click here.