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2020 Accomplishments



Thanks to your support, the children and young adults at Villas Miravalle shelter were able to celebrate a very special Christmas after a very difficult year.
The Necahual Foundation Members were able to be with them virtually, through video conference and at a distance. They were able to witness as the children received the gifts they wanted, bringing them joy and feel cared for during this holiday season.
Also, as a great surprise, 10 TV sets were given to the shelter, one to be installed in each villa. With this, they will be able to continue their socially distanced classes, as well as use them during their free time.
We are grateful to all our kind donors and volunteers for making this possible.


Thanks to your support, the children in Villas Miravalle shelter received new shoes and clothes that they got to pick.


Thanks to your support, the pool at the Villa Miravalle shelter was repaired and is ready to be used by the children and young ones. With their new bathing suits, they will be able to take part in a fun physical activity that will help them develop a healthy lifestyle.


Following all safety and hygiene guidelines, we reopened the bakery workshop as Villas Miravalle.
This is how the children , thanks to your support, are able to learn a new skill that will help them obtain new opportunities in life. Thank you!



The contingency altered family life, which is why it was very important to continue psychological therapy with the children who need it the most.
Thanks to your support, and following all the safety guidelines, Necahual Mexico continues to offer psychological therapy, legal aid, and social work seven days a week, thus ensuring family unity.


JULY 2020

Thanks to your help, with the proper safety guidelines, Necahual Foundation gave birthday cakes to the children of Villas Miravalle to celebrate the special occasion. They also received their weekly allowance, with which they can use to buy candy or small toys.  




JULY 2020

With the proper health and safety guidelines, Necahual Mexico is once again providing psychological therapy, legal assistance, and social work seven days a week to the children and young adults, helping maintain family unity.

Thanks to your support we continue to help those in need.

JUNE 2020

At the Villas Miravalle shelter, maintenance work is currently being done on the pool area so that, when health regulations allow, the children can continue with the exercise that is essential for their development.

With your help, we will be able to make the appropriate repairs and also purchase bathing suits for the young swimmers.

Thank You!

MAY 2020

Due to the emergency contingency regarding COVID-19, the Necahual Mexico offices must remain closed. However, we are still in contact with the families, and psychotherapy is still given to the children who are living through difficult times during this time of social distancing.

Thanks to your support, 78 sessions were provided, at a distance, to 31 different patients.

APRIL 2020

Because the health and care of the children is very important, this year, the celebration for “Dia del Niño” at Villas Miravalle was not like the previous years.

Maintaining proper distance and all hygiene and safety regulations, each child received a gift bag with candy, that Necahual Foundation gave to them during the celebrations organized by the shelter.

Thanks to your support, the children feel loved and cared for, even in times like these.


Thanks to your support, more than 95 children and young people in Villas Miravalle shelter have the opportunity to feel like they have family and enjoy special moments in the company of all their friends.


Being involved in a team sport helps the physical and social development of children and young people.

Every week, nearly 440 soccer players took part in the Melrose Soccer League; they also got access to clinics and coaching sessions.

Thanks for your support!


The children and young people of Villas Miravalle are visited monthly by a group of graduates who used to live with them; they share their experiences and appreciate all the support they received during the time they lived there.

Your help, makes it possible to have this constant collaboration.


The Necahual Foundation understands the great potential to connect people to opportunities that they may not normally encounter.

We provide children with valuable life skills and normal habits, like providing allowances, that will follow them long after they've left the Villas Miravalle Shelter.


With support from the Necahual Foundation, the bakery workshop at Villas Miravalle teaches children how to bake bread, cookies, and other products which help develop a trade that will follow them long after they have left the shelter.


Through our partnership with Necahual Mexico, over 150 cases of psychological, legal, and social work aid were provided during the months of January and February to help the many families who have been victims of domestic violence.

Your support ensures that the youth are given access to these services that will help them succeed in life.