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2021 Accomplishments

Together we can make a difference

Many Thanks!


Thanks to your support, at the Necahual Mexico facilities every week 50 children and adults receive psychological care services.

Similarly, Necahual México collaborates with local schools in the identification of children and young people who may need help and thus provide them with assistance.

JULY 2021

With your help, 100 children and young people of Villas Miravalle were given a small allowance and birthday celebration. On this occasion, there were 20 celebrants who enjoyed a delicious cake, a personalized greeting letter and a small gift to make a special purchase.

JULY 2021

Necahual México carried out a summer course in which 20 children participated, who for two weeks had workshops and activities focused on their physical and social development, concluding the course with a fun outing.

JUNE 2021

Thanks to your support, the children and young people of Villas Miravalle now have a transport van to go to their classes, medical services and go on field trips.

This unit was originally bought and donated by the Necahual Foundation to Sueños y Esperanzas in 2014.  Repairs were made and it was arranged for delivery to Villas Miravalle.


MAY 2021

Thanks to your support, Necahual Foundation gives allowances and celebrates the birthdays of 100 children and youth of Villas Miravalle, making it a very special day for them.

MAY 2021

More than 90 children and youth from Villas Miravalle have taken swimming lessons in the pool, which, thanks to your support, was repaired. Everyone enjoys and has fun in this hot season with the swimsuits donated by the Necahual Foundation.

APRIL 2021

Thanks to your support, Necahual Foundation held a Children's Day celebration at Villas Miravalle, delivering bags with candies and small gifts. They also received a donation of a 65” screen so that children can watch movies and use it for school activities.

MARCH 2021

With the proper health and safety guidelines, Necahual Mexico is able to provide psychological therapy, legal assistance, and social work seven days a week to the children and young adults, helping maintain family unity.


Thanks to your help, the children and young adults at the Villas Miravalle shelter are able to celebrate their birthdays and receive a weekly allowance; with it, they are able to buy candy, or small toys, all which help them through these difficult times.